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About Us

Our Passion and Our Mission

Cantus Fluere Audio Welcomes local musicians of all genres, focusing on providing a professional recording experience to undiscovered groups and those looking to experiment.

In addition to recording and mixing for official releases, our studio offers collaboration experiences for musicians who want to show off their proficiency to the musical community. We are bringing talented artists of all styles together in hopes of creating collaborative recordings meant to create exposures for all parties involved. You can read more about this free service in the [Projects] section of our website.

Outside of recording talent in the tri-county area and beyond, we offer lessons to our community to share knowledge about the digital recording process, the business of music and plenty of other subjects relevant to the aspiring musician looking to get into sound design. To get more information about what our lessons can do for you, feel free to [Contact Us].

Our Roots

Our studio began as a solution to allow an audiophile to record his band without leaving the home.

Back in early 2013, Aura Fluere, founder of Cantus Fluere Audio, was meticulously researching parts for an audio production computer that would help his transition from the world of preforming as a veteran French Horn player and Professional DJ , into the world of digital recording. Over time, he assembled his device, and while pursuing a degree as a Digital Media Specialist, he amassed enough gear to record his entire band in high fidelity, with confidence in himself to act as a recording engineer.

Time passed, and a solid studio dynamic emerged. Aura set his sights higher and began experimenting in his own time, bringing in musicians from his high-school band days to record their own music. He began to tell others about his setup, and it became clear as people saw what was going on that other musicians could really benefit from it.

Aura began plans to design a new space; acoustically treated, professional, and created with musicians like him in mind.

In August 2015 the trigger was pulled, and in less than a month, we opened our doors, but our work is just beginning. You can read about our progress in the [Projects] section of our website.

Our Goals

We've set our sights dramatically but attainably high, shooting for mutually beneficial expansion in the next three years.

We have no intention of staying where we are now in terms of location for more than two years. While (realistically), a from-the-ground-up, dream studio with over $150,000+ in gear is a long shot from where we are now, it's our end game. If you like our work, and you appreciate what we offer, we can make it there together.

In the short term, our ability to provide you with an ever-expanding list of services and amenities is dependent on the amount of exposure and love we see from the communities we grew up in. We are focused first and foremost on bringing people into our studio. We want people to hear our work, listen to our equipment, and hear what they sound like in our signal chain. Our hope is, if people like what they hear, they'll record a song with us, or even bring their band in to try us out for an EP release.

For the time being, this studio is our secondary source of income, and we don't plan on that changing for a while. Our profits go right back into the studio, and having our personal income come from outside sources allows us to provide all our clients with an amazing recording experience for significantly less than comparably sized studios.

Of course, though, we do accept [donations] if seeing us grow a little faster would put a smile on your face.