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Cantus Fluere Audio Makers

Mission Statement: To unite local musicians in a large collaborative effort to develop new forms of music.

Who Can Join?

Musicians in the Lansing/East Lansing/Okemos area who:

- Have never recorded in a professional studio before

- Have limited public exposure

- Are in a band, and want to tackle a different genre or instrumentation than they're accustomed to

What are the Project's Goals?

As a collective, we plan to produce:

 - One full album of original songs

- One full album of covers

- Songs may have any number of musicians participating

- Each song will showcase different musicians in the Tri-City area

- Both albums will be ready for release by the end of 2018

What do I pay to get in?

This one's on the house. We want people to see our space; become familiar with it; fall in love with it. If you like what you hear,  our hope is you'll come back when you're ready for more.

What kind of music?

That all depends on our collaborators! People will be working together that have never seen each-other before, matched up by their interests and playing style. From acoustic to electronic, our goal is to bring out the unique characteristics of our featured artists, with an emphasis on an eclectic variety of music.

How will this be released?

The albums will be released on our website, SoundCloud, Beatport, through physical distribution and Youtube, with individual completed and in-progress tracks showing up on this website, and SoundCloud.

All artists will be fully credited for the parts they played in each song. Every artist's promotional information will be attached to the track-listing, and every studio session will be broadcasted via our website.

Every participant gets a complimentary digital download of the lossless files, and a physical CD copy.

All profits made from album sales will go right back into studio improvements to help make your experience recording with us even more exemplary.

How much can I record?

We start you off with a possibility of two song slots; one slot in the originals album, and one in the covers album.

If you like what we have going on and your style ends up fitting with other collaborators, we may ask if you're up for playing parts in additional songs, but there's no obligation in either direction.

You'll get studio quality releases of both complete albums, the individual stems for any songs you participated in and physical CD copies as well; the perfect to show off your skills to venues, bands looking for a member, or just about anything else.


How do I sign up?

Click [HERE] to contact us!

Tell us that you want to collaborate!

Show us what you've been working on! Tell us what you enjoy playing!

Other ways to contact us:

Email: Aura@CF.AX

Twitter: @CantusFluere

Phone: 517-505-8773