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Studio -

In-depth information about the abilities and goals of Cantus Fluere Studios, a detailed explanation about the studio space, and information about the services we provide.

A gallery showcasing a visual studio walk-through is also located here.

Pricing -

You can check out our standard pricing guide here, which covers our most commonly requested services. For a free quote on all of our services, including Audio Production, Graphic Design and Advising, our contact page has many ways for us to get in touch!

Projects -

This page contains information detailing production work underway at CFAX, primarily collaborative work by our Musical Family, CFAM and the advancement of the band Left Arm Down.

The growth of Cantus Fluere Studios and social media updates are also cataloged here.


Displayed here are visual archives of the production work of Cantus Fluere and Left Arm Down, as well as images of the utilized studio.


- Assets

Details about the technical specifications of our commonly used hardware is located here, as  well as a visual Gallery showcasing the gear.

- Contact

If you would like to contact the members of Left Arm Down, or Cantus Fluere for project information or further studio information, this location has all the information you need.