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CFAX Studio

Standard Pricing Guide

*[Prices are negotiable for larger projects!]

Commissioned Services

Mixing + Mastering:

$20 x #Channels x #Tracks*

[25% Upfront]

Graphic Design:

[Logos, photos, posters, cd covers; PROMOTIONAL Media to extend your reach.]

for a free quote, contact us at:


Appointment Services


$20 x #Hours x #Musicians*

[Reservation Fee of $10/Hour deducted from final cost]


[adaptive curriculum on DAW's, Mixing, Recording, and plenty more.]

$30 for 1 Hour, $50 for 2 Hours

$20 per hour for reoccurring appointments

[Reservation Fee of $10/Hour deducted from final cost]

Reserving Time:

To secure our availability, you must be scheduled through a reservation.

Reservations are made in 1 hour increments and cost $10 per reserved hour. 

Reservation fees are deducted from the cost of services during your appointment.

Reservations can be changed once, up to 24 hours before a scheduled appointment at no cost.

Reservation fees are non-refundable to ensure the time we set aside will be used.


Email:   or   Call: 517-505-8773

To reserve your time