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Cantus Fluere Studios handles two major projects continually, as well as operating the studio for other artists, aiming to continually develop proficiency in our team and our clients.


CFAM - Our musical family

Hey. Want to record some music with us for free?

At Cantus Fluere Studios, we focus on musicians in the community that want to make a lasting first impression. Cantus Fluere Audio Makers, CFAM, is designed to showcase local artists and their unique skills.

Whether you've never recorded before, never had experience in a studio, or if you're in a band, but want to peruse a different instrumentation or style, this collaborative opportunity is worth a look.

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Cantus Fluere Studios began as an effort to produce professional recordings for a certain band, without leaving the practice space.

Left Arm Down is that band, and its efforts continue to this day.

With constantly evolving musical styles, Left Arm Down is never quite satisfied with the ideas they have down. The result is a plethora of moods and genres under constant refinement, and a diverse membership to match.

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2016-01-25 - CF Project

Messenger Jack, a lyrical rap artist and percussionist, has joined the queue for the CF Project! We're getting to the point now where we have enough active members to introduce some of them for our first collaborative effort! Things are happening, and we're pumped!

2016-01-17 - CF Project

Shane Clark has joined Project Cantus Fluere! His classical vocal roots are itching to mix with the modern recording techniques of our studio and the other talented musicians in our queue!

2016-01-09 - CF Studios

We've begun construction of our studio vocal booth! With 64 Sq. Ft of studio foam installed for the first phase of construction, we're heading towards a future with both a fully functional and acoustically correct Live Room, and a comfortably sized, beautifully isolated vocal booth capable of recording groups of vocalists at one time!

2016-01-08 - CF Project

INNO, a duo of electronic music producers have joined the queue for Project Cantus Fluere! As we amass more people to collaborate, we look forward to hearing how their electronic elements merge with other musicians in our program!

2016-01-02 - CF Project

Ty Teon, a singer songwriter from Lansing has joined the queue for the CF Project! We're on our way to matching collaborators and hearing what Lansing's raw creative talent has to offer!

2015-10-24 - Website

Our website has been updated to include our standard pricing guide! You can check it out [Here]! For more detailed information, feel free to [Contact us]! We also added a Legacy Update Feature ^^^ So you can read our story from the beginning.

2015-10-22 - CF Studios

Singer-Songwriter Monte Bates came to our studios, and asked us to add instruments to some of his solo vocal work. He plans to submit the resulting music to Governor Rick Snyder, and elementary schools around the tri-county area!

2015-09-19 - CF Studios

Tidal, an Indie/Alt Rock band from Lansing, are our first guests in the Studio! The duo of Mariette Heubel and Cody Kuuttila are using our space to record drum tracks for their upcoming full album! Check them out at [Facebook] , [Twitter] , and [SoundCloud] !

2015-09-17 -  CF Studios

For redundant security of our clients' data, a studio-grade Glyph HDD has been added to the studio arsenal.

2015-09-04 - CF Studios

All incandescent lights in the studio have been replaced with 6000K LED bulbs for simulated daylight and energy efficiency. Three Phillips Hue Bulbs have been installed, with the hopeful integration of high power Light Strips in the near future for robust, adaptable studio lighting!

2015-08-30 - CF Studios

The open house was a success, bringing together many local artists to give input on how the recording space is utilized. Look forward to a transformable vocal booth in the future, for the addition of isolated recording to our arsenal!

2015-08-21 - CF Studios

The studio is fully built and organized! Look for the open house event coming up next weekend, as well as other public events in the future!

2015-08-14 - CF Studios

Diffusers are all assembled, stained, and ready for instillation! The beautiful coloration and acoustics are worth checking out.

2015-08-11 - CF Studios

Four out of eight diffusers have been created! All wood has been sanded down, and we are ready to go to work tomorrow to hopefully finish the other four!

2015-08-10 - Website News has officially launched, and is available for public viewing!

2015-08-07 - CF Studios

Diffuser assembly day two goes well, with most wood stained, and all wood cut (Unless Trybal has any other revisions he's like to make). Final construction day is set for August 10th!